Kona View Estates > Risks of Buying Land

The future value of any land is uncertain and dependent upon many factors. Do not expect all land to increase in value during the time you own it. Any subdivision will have an impact on the surrounding environment. Whether or not the impact is adverse and the degree of impact will depend upon the location, size, planning, and extent of development. Subdivisions, which adversely affect the environment, may cause governmental agencies to impose restrictions on the use of the land. Changes in plant and animal life, air and water quality and noise levels may affect your use and enjoyment of your lot and your ability to sell it.

In the purchase of real estate, many technical requirements must be met to assure that you receive proper title. Since this purchase involves a major expenditure of money, it is recommended that you seek professional advice before you obligate yourself.

Each one acre Lot in Kona View Estates Phase I is zoned Agricultural. The Land Use Commission of the State of Hawaii (“Commission”) has determined that any buildings located on any parcel of land designated by the Commission with a Land Use Classification of “Agricultural” must be related to some kind of agricultural activity or use. Nothing contained in the Kona View Estates Phase I Declaration of Covenants, the Design Guidelines the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws of the Kona View Estates Community Association, Inc. or any other rules or regulations shall prevent the use of a Lot for agricultural purposes. The County of Hawaii, as the enforcement and permitting agency of improvements built within the Agricultural Land Use Classification, requires that a Farm Dwelling Agreement be obtained from the Planning Department.